Wine aldum must shout at CCEit: “A dot that needs to be improved”

Orange-captain Georginio Wijnaldum had to shout in his interview with DeccEit after the wondrous conclusion in the first EK competition. Relief and pride fought at Wijnaldum for priority after an Orange gave away a 2-0 lead and won 3-2.
The brand new Paris Saint-Germain-midfielder agrees that he is proud of the comeback, but is displeased that the decision had not been taken before. That‘s what we have to learn. If we play such a match, in which we create opportunities: not make all the odds, but just finish that match when we get 2-0. But now let them come back, that is a point that needs to be improved.
However, there was no panic after Ukraine’
s unexpected comeback, according to Wijnaldum. No, I think everyone was angry and disappointed, especially after that second goal. We kept looking with confidence for the 3-2. Fortunately, it fell too, but it could have been quite different.

Pleased with the victory, not happy with the two anti-goals.Wijnaldum: We let them come back in the match. That is something that needs to be improved. #Euro2020 #NEDOEK
—CCEit Sport (@ CCEitSport) June 13, 2021