Winners of Mobile Legends Bang Bang eSports Season in CIS

Mobile Legends Bang Bang eSports season has ended in CIS. For four months, more than 400 teams competed in two stages of MLBB CIS Minor and MLBB CIS Major. 213 teams from CIS participated in the โ€œMinorโ€ starting on June 1.

Six of them by results of competitions immediately passed to the next stage. In the final โ€œMeijerโ€, 16 teams fought.

Broadcasts of the tournament by Moonton on video services and in the client of the game have been viewed almost 8 million times. MLBB CIS Major finals were watched simultaneously by more than 16 thousand viewers.

Finalists of the tournament were Red Devils, Espada, Night Ravens, Canticum Dei and Self-Confident Squad. The third place was taken by the team; Not Today, the second is UreIGN.

Players of the prize eight received cash prizes and game diamonds. First place with $9 thousand and 60,000 diamonds was taken by the Deus Vult team.

She will represent the region at the M2 World Championships โ€” the main event of the year for the Mobile Legends Bang community. For the title of absolute world champion in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will compete the strongest teams from all over the world.