Winners VVD and D66 at formation, significant losses on left

For the fourth time in a row, the VVD has succeeded in becoming the largest. Mark Ruttes party will have a few more seats as it looks today than four years ago and, according to the ANPs preliminary forecast, reaches 36 seats.

Another big winner of the elections is D66, which, with 24 seats, is more than the second party of the country. There is no doubt that the two parties will play a key role in the formation.

The VVD has become the largest party in many municipalities. With it colors the country blue:

The leader Sigrid Kaag spoke of an โ€œextraordinary achievementโ€, no exaggeration given the party history: it equals the best election result for D66 ever. So far, the party achieved the best result in 1994 (then also with 24 seats), with Hans van Mierlo as the leader. โ€œVan Mierlo would have said, it is an insane adventure,โ€ Kaag referred to him.

Forum, JA21 and the PVV

It was also a good evening for the Forum for Democracy and JA21. FvD stood higher in the polls for a long time, fell far back, but now makes a big profit: from 2 to 8 seats. It is possible that the party owes this to the fact that it was the only campaign against coronation policy.

JA21, from the FVD-dissidents Joost Eerdmans and Annabel Nanninga, also gets seats in the House of Representatives: three, it seems. The party already has eight seats in the First Chamber under the name of Nanninga Group.

The PVV was the second party of the country, but loses according to exitpoll a few seats and comes to 17.

CDA, GroenLinks, SP and PvdA

The losses for the CDA and for the left-wing parties are GroenLinks and SP. The CDA of leader leader Hoekstra stays stuck on 15 seats, almost as bad as in 2012, when the party had 13 seats left.

GroenLinks and SP which now both have 14 seats lose considerably. The SP goes to 9 seats, and GroenLinks to 7, with the latter appearing to be the victim of Kaags success.

The third left party, the PvdA, is also doing badly. Under the leadership of leader Ploumen, the party was unable to establish itself after the historic blow of 2017, when it went from 38 to 9 seats.

Rutte wants rapid formation

VVD leader Rutte said in the course of the evening that it is โ€œvery obviousโ€ that his party will talk to D66, to quickly add that he has already said he would like to work with the CDA. Whether that will be enough for a majority is still a question. According to the forecast, these three parties stand together at 75 seats.

It is also a question of whether the CDA wants to participate in this, especially since Kaag immediately said that the policy should be more progressive, fairer and greener . CDA leader Hoekstra felt little need to anticipate this at the results evening. He spoke of a disappointing result, and had no desire to evaluate already.

The current coalition of VVD, D66, CDA and ChristenUnie seems to have reached a majority in any case, but it is also the question of whether D66 and the Christian Union want to get together again. The Christian Union remains in the preliminary forecast at five seats.

Other coalitions

If the CDA does not participate, the PvdA and GroenLinks may appear. PVDA leader Ploumen did not seem averse to this last evening, and Groenlinks leader Klaver said that it is not the turn of GroenLinks.

A role for the PVV, now the third party, seems to be excluded, also because Rutte set unnegotiable conditions in the PVV campaign (including excuses for the Fewer Moroccans statements) for possible co-operation in a coalition. Party leader Wilders, who spoke of a โ€œslight lossโ€, said he would assume that he would once again lead the opposition and โ€œbring the authentic PVV soundโ€ there.

Theoretically, the SP and the newcomers Volt and JA21 can also be involved in the formation. But D66 and JA21 are very far apart and the same goes for the VVD and the SP.

The ultra-pro-European Volt comes from scratch with three seats in the Chamber. A newcomer who probably also acquires a seat is the BoerburgerMovement. At one of Sylvana Simons seems to have not received enough votes.


Rutte said to pursue a rapid formation. He expects, as the biggest party, to recite a scout later today. After that, he mainly wants to see โ€œwhat is neededโ€ at the end of the coronacrisis, so that โ€œcompanies, theatres cinemas, museums can start againโ€.

Next afternoon, list tractors will meet under the leadership of the President of the Chamber Arib. It is expected that a scout will be appointed soon.