Winter Survival Simulator authors asked players 17 simple questions

Studio Drago Entertainment announced the launch of a demo version of its Winter Survival Simulator. It became available as part of the Steam Festival, and you can get acquainted with it until February 9. The demo will take about an hour.

In the demo version, players can try to survive alone in harsh winter conditions. The game became a side project when working on the post-apocalyptic adventure Red Frost, and in it the creators emphasize the realism and reliability of the happening.

To accurately display survival in complex climatic conditions the studio invited Marek Kaminski, a famous traveler and polar explorer as a consultant. He is famous for the fact that the only one in the world for a year without outside help managed to reach both poles.

In the final demo, the studio asks everyone who coped with the test to answer 17 simple questions. Opinions and impressions of players will help developers to make the game as best as possible.

Winter Survival Simulator should go to the RS before the end of the year. And in the new trailer we were shown fragments of real gameplay.

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