Winter time starts gray and wet with a lot of wind

Winter time begins gray and wet. In addition, it can blow quite a bit on the coast. Next night, from Saturday to Sunday, at 3am the clock goes back one hour. When moving the clock, it starts to rain along the west coast, and then rain falls in more places.

That reports Weeronline. Sunday during the day it is also gray and wet. Well, its very soft.

At the beginning of the next week it is often dry with occasional sun. There are some showers. The temperature fluctuates around 13 degrees and therefore it is a few degrees colder than the days before, but very normal for the time of year.

Starting Wednesday, the risk of showers increases and it becomes a lot more changeable. The temperature rises gradually, and by the weekend it becomes regional 15 degrees. There is a strong southwesterly wind and therefore it can feel a bit colder. In the coastal areas it can then blow strong.