Winterpret rules: snow fights and skating with only one friend

Enjoy ice and snow, but in moderation, seems the credo of the government, which has announced rules for the winter fun at


shows that it is possible to have winter fun, observing current coronavirus rules. That means snowballs are allowed to throw, but with only one person from outside their own household. In practice, this becomes a game of 1-to-1. Family members are allowed to just instill each other.

Because of corona, the government maintains the view that the number of travel movements should remain as small as possible. โ€œEven when enjoying a pack of snow or a nice layer of ice, the call remains to meet as few people as possible and limit your travel movements.โ€

For the skaters: โ€œSkating is allowed, with one friend or girlfriend, so in a group of two people.โ€



fact that skating is allowed does not mean that tours can be held. Events remain banned because of corona. Skating on skating rinks may be, but โ€œkeep one and a half meters awayโ€.

A consolation: the rules apply to adults and not to children and adolescents up to and including 17 years of age. โ€œChildren up to 17 years old can skate together or play in the snow. They do not need to keep their distance.โ€