WitcherCon debut commercial promise announcements and surprises on The WitcherCon

WitcherCon presented the debut video of the event, where they promised various announcements and surprises on โ€œThe Witcherโ€. Recall that the exhibition was announced as part of Netflix Geeked, and the main themes will be not only Netflix‘s projects on the universe, but also games โ€” although major announcements are not worth waiting for the major announcements. The show is highly likely to feature a trailer for the show’s second season, naming a premiere date.

The prequel series, as well as the animated prequel about Vesemira. The exhibition will be held on July 9 with the start at 20:00 MSK.

There will be two streams in total, and the second one also promises some new content โ€” it will start at 04:00 MSK on July 10. More on Scarlet Nexus Game Highly Praised by Critics and Players The Mysterious Abandoned App Release Release Completed In Call of Duty Mobile Season Five Players Dive In & laquo; Deep watersโ€.