Witchers pre-orders have already broken records in Russia

Yesterday, June 24, the pre-orders of the Russian version of the board game “Witcher: Old World” started, breaking various local records. So, at the moment, the project has already been pre-ordered by more than 3,000 people, and the total amount from different publications has been passed over 66 million rubles. At the same time, as it was known earlier, the price of the project was quite low — 8,000 for the standard version.

The most complete version of the game also includes three extras, metal coins, a special field, and a set of 25 cubes. The Deluxe edition on pre-orders also includes extensions about Tsiri and Plotva.

Most pre-orders for the maximum version for 27,990 rubles — over 1500. Prices for editions and items: Standard version — 7990 rubles Deluxe Version — 13990 rubles Deluxe with three additions — 22,990 rubles Full edition (deluxe version, three add-ons and accessories) — 27990 rubles.

Mages Supplement — 3890 rubles Legendary Hunt Supplement — 3390 rubles Skellige Supplement — 3390 rubles Metal coins — 1390 rubles Neoprene Field — 3090 rubles Dice set 1390 rubles. The project takes place in the past, with players taking on the role of witchers who travel across the Continent fighting monsters and making various difficult decisions.

Project release is slated for the summer of 2022. By the way Vsevolod Kuznetsov voiced the video for the start of pre-orders.

Pre-orders will be available for another 29 days. More on Game WoW Players: Shadowlands told how to survive “Chain of Dominance” patch Hackers used pirated versions of games to mine Scarlet Nexus cryptocurrency praised by critics and players.