“With a few of Feyenoords great talents, we could really take steps”

The cooperation between FC Dordrecht and Feyenoord is on ‘a lower burner’, says managing director Hans de Zeeuw at FC Rijnmond. De Zeeuw thinks there is much more to get out of it.
Dordrecht and Feyenoord concluded a collaboration in 2018 that never really got off the ground. I think it‘s a shame. If we could hire two or three great talents from Feyenoord, FC Dordrecht could really take steps. Also with the Turkish investor, Baris Hocaoglu, who we have, says De Zeeuw, who knows that Hocaoglu really wants to do something with Dordrecht. He has a certain pride in doing that. One of the reasons why Hocaoglu chose us is that it cannot degrade. This is how you can build the club. Step by step.
De Zeeuw sees that Dordrecht is taking steps. In the policy plan, we said that we want to end up with the first eight teams within four years. That would be great, but you should do it in phases. We’
ve already spent a lot of money.