With Aruban summer nights in mind, Dumfries is ready for top year

Sunday he is one of the pillars of PSV in the top duel with Ajax, next summer the European Championship beckons and after that he hopes for a top transfer abroad. In short, 2021 must be the year of Denzel Dumfries.

The advance of the current captain of PSV began almost seven years ago on a sultry summer evening in Aruba.

Dumfries makes his debut as an 18-year-old footballer of Barendrecht for the ABC island. And how. The then amateur framed his entrance with a beautiful goal of over 25 meters away in a practice match against Guam.


โ€œ After that, I never made such a goal again, did I? Fantastic, haha,โ€ says Dumfries with a melancholic look in his eyes when we show him the images from March 2014.

Watch below the interview with Dumfries about his competitions for Aruba:

For Dumfries, the Aruban trip is mainly an ode to the homeland of his father. The Rotterdammer has a clear goal: to make it to the Dutch national team. An official interland for Aruba would not have made that possible anymore.

And so hes holding it up after two interlands. โ€œMy trainer, Giovanni Franken, understood it, but others in Aruba thought it was very strange. After all, I was still with the amateurs of Barendrecht. So they thought, โ€œWhere does this self-confidence come from? Thats what I would ask myself if I heard a young boy talking who thinks hes going to make it to the Dutch team someday.โ€

โ€œ I believed in it and eventually it went like this,โ€ says Dumfries, who would realize his Oranjedroom on 14 October 2018. โ€œIve worked hard for it, you know. Things are going well now and I can be proud of it, but I had to do a lot for it.โ€

The 24-year-old Dumfries is emotionally ready for a new adventure, but he wants to leave PSV with something tangible. Actually, as Memphis Depay and Georginio Wijnaldum did in 2015 with the first Eindhoven national title in seven years.

โ€œ At some point you feel from both sides that it might be a good time to take the next step after the season,โ€ says Dumfries.

โ€œ And yes, I have to be champion this year. Thats how several guys in the team think about it. Leaving with a national title would be an ideal scenario for me.โ€


Does PSV have to get ready for an empty run at a championship? โ€œI think you always have a moment when boys start reflecting and thinking about taking the next step. England would be a competition for me, but I still have to see how everything is going to run.โ€

โ€œ This weekend we can at least take a stepโ€, continues the former player of Sparta and sc Heerenveen. โ€œWe will now have to show it in certain competitions. That kind of matches are coming now.โ€

Watch the interview with Denzel Dumfries about his football future, Mario Gรถtze and frowned eyebrows below:

Where Dumfries sometimes extrovert himself in the field, his new teammate Mario Gรถtze shows his strength by being an introvert.

โ€œ He is not a talker, but the way he experiences football or if you look at the choices he makes, he really is an example for the group,โ€ says Dumfries. โ€œOf course I have a lot of use to that too. I also talk to him and I start to recognize certain situations more and more.โ€

Dumfries not only wants to set an example function within the field, but also outside it he feels the strong need to contribute.

Last June he attended a Black Lives Matter protest in Rotterdam. โ€œI felt I had to be there because I myself have been discriminated against in recent years. It felt like a kind of calling,โ€ explains Dumfries.

โ€œ Afterwards, I was glad I was there, because I got nice reactions. Among other things, people said, โ€œThank you so much for being there. It gives us strength for you to speak out. As a result, we dare to speak out.โ€


Dumfries still claims to be confronted with discrimination. โ€œOccasionally I get messages on social media that are not acceptable. I create a harness against this, but there are also young people who do not know how to arm themselves,โ€ he says.

โ€œ For those people, it is important that the conversation is always made to solve the problem.โ€

Take a look at the conversation with Denzel Dumfries about his participation in the Black Lives Matter protest in June 2020: