‘With only a rush hour of forty million euros, the leak is not above PSV’

Harrie Timmermans, the chairman of PSVs supporters association, expects his club to handle the extra money that the club will receive. The Eindhovenaren are allegedly receiving a financial injection of some EUR 50 million.
Several investors helped PSV get that amount and several fans now hope that the club will make a big deal on the transfer market. โ€œWith only a rush hour of forty million euros, the leak is not aboveโ€, Timmermans talks with the Eindhovens Dagblad against it. โ€œIn the long term, investments in the stadium and youth training may well be better. I think the average fan also understands that the club is investing a little more sustainably.โ€
If the Eindhovenaren decide not to spend a large part on transfers, Ajax would be able to make use of them in the short term by walking further away. However, the chairman of the supporters association is not afraid of this. โ€œThe history of the Eredivisie shows that no club has become champions for ten years in a row. Money doesn
t say everything, and PSV has often owes previous successes to smart scouting and innovating.โ€
Rik Elfrink, PSV-watcher on behalf of Eindhovens Dagblad, told Veronica Inside Friday night that the club will seriously gain more financial scope. Robert van der Wallen, President of the PSV, later explained that this money will be used for investments in the stadium, facilities on the PSV Campus and youth training. He did not rule out that players could also be removed from the extra money.