‘With Queen’s Day, Utrecht fans said they didn’t float me, but the trainer’

Gianluca Nijholt disappeared from professional football in 2019, but still gets a special farewell match. The former midfielder of FC Utrecht, Almere City, Russia‘s Amkar Perm, VVV-Venlo and NAC Breda spent twelve years in the professional world and has held numerous anecdotes.
At the end of 2007 he was allowed to make his Eredivision-debut against Heracles Almelo on behalf of FC Utrecht, by a remarkable coincidence. โ€œWillem van Hanegem wanted to bring in Guiseppe Rossini, but he had forgotten his shirt and I was allowed in,โ€ Nijholt looks back in conversation with the Algemeen Dagblad.
The left leg continued to play at FC Utrecht for many years, came out against Napoli and Liverpool in Europe and was very close to the Utrecht public, although he didn’
t always notice it himself. That‘s how Nijholt once thought he was shout after a change. โ€œUntil I helped a pub owner friend sell on Queen’s Day. A group of fanatical Utrecht fans came by, who said they didn‘t shout me but trainer Ton du Chatinier at the time. Because he exchanged striker Ricky van Wolfswinkel for me in a backlog and they didn’t pick it up. I would have liked to know that before, haha.โ€
Nijholt struggled with knee problems during his pro course and only plays football with friends without obligation, but plays his official farewell match this weekend. Trainers Van Hanegem and Gert Kruys lead the occasion teams, consisting of friends and former team mates from Nijholt. The former pro unites the pleasant with the useful, he explains. โ€œI wanted to connect a charity to it. That has become the KWF for personal reasons.โ€