With these tips your Halloween will be creepy fun!

Today is Halloween! In the US this spooky party is very popular, but we are also celebrating it more and more in the Netherlands. And with these tips from WOMAN, such as the best recipes, crafts with your kids and creepy movies, that becomes even more fun. Just creep!

Terrifying snacks

Want to have a nice snack on his Halloween? These creepy snacks are all easy to make with kids. And dangerously tasty, of course.

Eyeball, pumpkin and witch cauldron cake-doll

A cake doll is nothing more than a cupcake in the shape of a ball, which you shaped on a stick. This one goes in the oven and after it cools down, you can decorate it any way you like. How about a scary ghost, a mummy or an eyeball? Even easier: you can also make cake pops from ready-made cake.

Scary spider cookies

The only spiders we love: chocolate spiders on delicious peanut butter cakes. Our colleagues at Cury have come up with a delicious recipe for you, which you can immediately start cooking.

Halloween punch with a bite

Nothing better than watching a scary movie with a festive mocktail or cocktail. By using cherry juice, you get that beautiful red color of blood, and a vampire denture of candy on the edge completes the creepy tasty cocktail – with or without alcohol – completely.

Ghostly craft tips

Are you in the mood for creepy crafts with the kids? There are plenty of things you can make without immediately losing baking of money.

Creative with toilet paper

A witch, cat, bat or brave knight: it‘s all made of a simple toilet roll. Collect some old toilet and/or kitchen rolls and grab a bunch of markers and paper. Fold the paper to the roll to create a face, clothing or a hat. Create a creepy face with markers and stickers and voilร : you have original items to decorate your home (or children’s bedroom) in no time.

Halloween (mouth) mask

Everyone knows, of course, the terrifying Halloween masks. But since we have been wearing masks for a long time, why don‘t we customise them for today? A monster snout or a witch’s mouth, sign it off! If you can‘t draw properly, you can search for a template on the Internet and trace it. Easy does it.

Pumpkin Hug Don

t you have much time? Then maybe this pumpkin craft is for you. All you need is paper and scissors. Cut out a pumpkin shape, then find out all kinds of patterns of paper. This can be done from a โ€œpaperloversโ€ book, but also from a magazine or newspaper. Then cut strips to fill the width or length. Easy and fun to do!

chilling movies

Are the kids to bed and are you ready to hide behind the couch from fear? Then get carried away by one of these three horror films.

IT Chapter 2

A killer clown terrorizes a town – while a group of adults thought they had defeated this clown as a child… The ‘Losers’ are back and determined to beat IT for good this time. This movie is available on Amazon Prime, YouTube, Pathรฉ Home and Google Movies.


This ironclad psychological horror film revolves around the life of an everyday American family. Their family vacation on the coast turns into a nightmare when it turns out that a government experiment to clone people has gone completely wrong… This movie is available through Pathรฉ home, YouTube and Amazon Prime.

Get Out

The title says it all ‘Go away! ‘ Especially do not stay too long in your girlfriend‘s house, who says that everything is fine. The creepy atmosphere, the weird family, the weird party, these rich people are up to no good, but what’s their dark plan? This movie is available on YouTube, Amazon Prime and Pathรฉ at home.