Witness in case against ex-Prime Minister Netanyahu dies in plane crash

A plane crash near the Greek island of Samos killed a witness in the case against Israeli ex-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday, Greek aviation authorities report. 69-year-old Haim Giron was a former chief executive at the Israeli Ministry of Communications.

The Greek aviation authorities are investigating the crash and don‘t know exactly what happened yet. The head of the Greek flight safety and flight accident research board says a local fisherman witnessed the accident and reported two explosions. He would have heard a big bang first followed by a smaller one.

The private plane disappeared shortly before landing on Samos Island. The wreck is 2 km from the airport, about 30 m deep in the water. Giron’s wife was also on board. She, too, did not survive the crash.


Against Netanyahu is in a corruption process. The former Prime Minister is suspected of bribery, fraud and breach of trust in three different cases. Among other things, he is accused of granting favors to a media company in exchange for positive reporting.