Woerts reveals Hallers mega salary at Ajax: “Most expensive player of the Eredivisie”

Sportmarketer Chris Woerts has revealed the salary of Ajax purchase Sébastien Haller at Veronica Inside. It seems that the Franco-Ivorian striker is on the payroll for an amount of EUR 5 million.

There are conditions attached to that. Haller gets the most salary when Ajax becomes champion and hibernates in the Champions League. In any case, he will earn more than captain Dusan Tadic and also more than Hakim Ziyech earned. Ziyech was Ajax‘s best-paid player with an annual salary of around 4.5 million euros.
He will earn around five million euros a year, with bonuses, says Woerts about Haller. That’
s quite a lot of money. But Ajax has to become champion and hibernate in the Champions League. He‘s at the Tadic level, which makes about $4 million. With bonuses, it’s about five million euros a year, so it‘s really the most expensive player in the Eredivisie.
Ajax completed Haller’
s transfer last week. The club paid 22.5 million euros for him to West Ham United.