Wolf settles permanently in Drenthe

The wolf has settled in Drenthe. A specimen of the animal has been living there for six months now, somewhere in the middle of the province.

The male wolf has been in the picture since November last year. Thats when his dna was first found in attacks on several sheep. Now it appears that a dropping found at the beginning of June contains the same dna. The news has been announced by BIJ12, an organisation commissioned by the province of Drenthe to examine wounded or dead sheep after a bite or attack.

Drenthe is the second province where the wolf officially settles in the Netherlands. On the Veluwe in Gelderland lives a pair of wolves (with two young).

If a wolf stays in the same area for six months, it is officially established. Nothing changes for most people, says Glenn Lelieveld of the mammal society against RTV Drenthe. They dont see the wolf, the wolf is no more dangerous. What matters now are the compensation schemes for sheep farmers. If the wolf is present for six months, the province must work with the region to find an appropriate scheme

The wolf was clearly spotted on camera footage in May.

Some people will be happy with the wolf and others have concerns. As administrators, we look at it without emotion, said the Drenthe deputy Henk Jumelet. The wolf is protected by law and now we have to find out how we treat this animal. Thats why we set up an area committee back in June

The committee consists of representatives of the sheep sector, agriculture and nature organisations. They are committed, among other things, to preventive measures to protect sheep from attack by the wolf.

Things are now moving fast with the wolf in the Netherlands. After the Veluwe and Drenthe, there are also reports that a male wolf has settled in the heathland area below Eindhoven. This will become certain at the end of this month.