Wolfire Games studio files antitrust lawsuit against Valve

Studio Wolfire Games (Overgrowth, Receiver) filed an antitrust lawsuit against Valve. Developers believe that the company uses its dominant position in the PC market to exploit publishers and consumers. The main cause of the conflict was the commission of 30%, which the developers deduct Valve if they earn less than $10 million on Steam.

In Wolfire Games, this percentage is considered too overvalued, especially when approximately 75% of PC games are sold in the United States through Steam. Another claim of Wolfire Games to Valve was Steam Key Price Parity Provision.

which prevents publishers from selling games and STEAM keys cheaper on other platforms. Because of this, other stores ostensibly cannot compete with Steam.

Even Epic Games Store, where the commission is only 12%, Wolfire Games consider a failure since Epic Games had to spend hundreds Millions of dollars to capture only 15% of the market by June 2020. Wolfire Games demand reimbursement for damages, expenses and legal costs, as well as impose an injunction eliminating Valves monopoly, In order to bring competition to the market and benefit society as a whole.

Earlier GDC organizers conducted a survey, according to the results of which it became known that only 3% of the respondents of the game industries consider the commission to be 30% fair. In addition, yesterday Microsoft announced that from August 1, the commission at the Microsoft Store will drop from 30% to 12%.

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