Woman (36) dies from corona several hours after childbirth

36-year-old Svetlana Sorochinskaya died of corona a few hours after she gave birth to her daughter Kirey at the hospital in Saint Petersburg. There‘s been a struggle for the girl’s custody.

Svetlana supposedly fell ill after visiting her father, who was in the hospital because of heart surgery. Eight days after he was sent home, he died. Her mother Vera also fell ill and breathed her last breath on November 12.

Three days after Svetlana was hospitalized because she felt very bad, she gave birth to Kirey six weeks early, named after her late father. A few hours later, things went wrong.

Little Kirey is still staying at the hospital. Who the girl‘s father is is unclear. A man whose identity is unknown is going to do a DNA test, so the Daily Mail knows. One of Svetlana’s cousins offered to adopt Kirey. โ€œSvetlana told me that the man from the test is not her father. But we await the result and the judge will decide.โ€