Woman (67) wants to save her dog and ends up under Arriva train

The person who ended up under an Arriva train Tuesday night at a railway crossing in Bunde, just across the border near Bad Nieuweschans, turns out to be a 67-year-old woman.

The Bunde woman tried to take her dog off the rails when the train arrived.

The victim was talking to another person at the railway crossing when she unwittingly gave her dog more line. As the train approached, she saw her dog walking on track and wanted to save the four-legged friend for the approaching train. She herself collided fatally with the danger. The train driver was unable to bring the vehicle to a halt in time.

Rail traffic was still for some time, which resulted in dangerous situations at some railway crossings in the area. Impatient road users crossed the railroad, although the barriers were down. Police were deployed to guide traffic.