Woman breaks into dental practice, steals $23,000 and pulls 13 teeth in ignorant patient

An American woman has been arrested after she broke into a dental office twice. During the burglaries, not only did the woman loot nearly $23,000, she also pulled 13 teeth in an ignorant patient.

The police found 52-year-old Laurel Eich following a report of a dental office burglary on Sun Valley Boulevard in Reno. It turned out that $22,861 was stolen. After some police detective work, Eich came into the picture.

Eich was arrested and interviewed about the burglary. In the interrogations, the police discovered that the woman turned out to have more on her cane than just the burglary in which she made the money loot.

13 teeth

The Washoe County Sheriffs Office reports that Laurel pulled 13 teeth in an unconscious patient in a previous burglary. Eich, who was once employed in the practice where she committed her horrible act, had numbbed the patient with an anesthetic she had found in practice.

Eich is suspected of performing an unlicensed operation, intrusion, theft and violation of probation of a suspended sentence.

It is not known how the patient has lost 13 teeth.