Woman did not know she was pregnant and gives birth to dentist: ‘They stormed into practice’

A woman who was pregnant without knowing it gave birth last week in a dental practice in Velp. Two police officers who had come to the aid of the woman on the street had taken her to practice.

The 23-year-old woman was on her way to the emergency shelter with her 3-year-old son on the back of the bike, when she fell down due to a slippery road surface. When she fell, she suffered tremendous pain in her stomach and legs.

Two accidental passing agents saw it happen and brought the wife and her son to the dental office of Rene Klaassen, about 50 meters away.

Huge screams

Dentist Rene Klaassen was busy with a patient when he heard huge screams in the adjacent room. โ€œThey stormed into the practice,โ€ heard dentist Rene Klaassen from his colleagues. โ€œStraight through the waiting room to a treatment room, where another dentist worked with assistants.โ€

According to Rene, his colleagues were in shock. โ€œNo one understood exactly what was happening. It all went so awfully fast. In the meantime, there were also three ambulances at the door. And I heard that there was also a trauma helicopter circling above the practice.โ€

Baby Herman

The totally unexpected childbirth went very smoothly. โ€œEven before the ambulance arrived, the baby was born,โ€ said the police IJsselwaarden, who shares the story on Instagram. Everythings fine with the baby.

The baby got the name Herman. Herman came into the world at 09.08 and weighs 1450 grams. According to the dentist, the child is named after his father, and the kid has two big brothers, one of whom was present at birth.

After birth, the baby was transferred by ambulance to the Radboudumc in Nijmegen for control.