Woman gives birth on plane without knowing about pregnancy

On a flight to the Hawaiian city of Honolulu, a baby was born on Wednesday. The woman who gave birth to the child was 29 weeks pregnant, but had no knowledge of this until the birth.

Halfway through the flight that had left Salt Lake City, the pilot suddenly reported a medical emergency. Four passengers – including a doctor and three nurses – rushed to the highly pregnant Lavinia Mounga to help her with childbirth. Afterwards they continued to monitor how the baby was doing for a couple of hours.

Survival mode

โ€œThe nurses and I were just in a kind of survival mode. We had to make a hospital bed on a plane. In addition, we had not one, but two patients,โ€ says Dr. Dale Glenn of Hawaii Pacific Health. At the delivery came the necessary improvisation. For example, Glenn tells that multiple shoelaces were used to cut the umbilical cord and an Apple Watch was used to measure the heart rate of the newborn baby. To keep the baby warm, water bottles were put in the microwave to hold against the bodice and the baby himself was wrapped in plastic. Childbirth must have come as a huge surprise for Mounga, because she herself had no idea that she was pregnant all this time, reports USA Today.

According to Glenn, the other passengers were surprisingly calm and offered the mother and her newly born son their own diapers and blankets. In addition, he has praise words for the new mother. He says she was able to walk through the plane just a few minutes after giving birth.

After landing in Honolulu, Mounga and her baby were taken to the Kapiolani Medical Center for Women & Children.