Woman in Scotland sells house because she can see neighbors shower

In Scotland, a woman feels forced to sell her house, because she can see her neighbors shower every morning.

When Pauline Boyd and her partner bought the house, they were thrilled with their new palace. This quickly changed when a new house was built just a stone‘s throw away. From the garage of the new neighbours, Boyd and her partner can look inside, writes Metro UK.


Although this can already be considered as privacy disrupting, it all turns out to be even worse. โ€œThey also have a shower room in there, where we can see people taking a shower while we are eating,โ€ says Boyd.

Three and a half years ago, she bought her house in Blair Drummond to move closer to her family. โ€œWhen we first came to live here it had a rural atmosphere. There were neighbors, but you didn’t come across them every day.โ€ In the meantime, it‘s so bad that Boyd and her partner prefer to keep the curtains closed. โ€œWe don’t want to live that way,โ€ she tells The Daily Record.

Sloppy error

In March 2019, she was informed by letter of the construction request submitted by her current neighbors. She expressed her objections immediately. However, she was not informed of a second construction request in September of the same year. This was approved without her consent by a suspected malfunction.

โ€œ It‘s like living in a fish bowl,โ€ says Boyd. Despite the fact that she recently renovated, the house is already for sale. The local council states that Boyd’s house is three times the required privacy distance of the neighbors, but regrets that it did not get the opportunity to object. She got an apology for this.