Woman loses 130,000 euros in dating fraudster

An English woman has lost nearly 113,000 pounds to a con man on a dating site.

Rachel Elwell is doing her story at the BBC. A man approached her online and, according to his own words, lived nearby, but at that time sat in Ukraine. With documents and photographs he convinced her of his money problems, resulting from a buildup of problems and loan loans.

Elwell believed it and deposited money several times, converted 130,000 euros. She‘ll probably never see that again.


asked why she gave a gentleman who never met such large sums of money, she says, โ€œHe told me his wife was in danger, and then I didn’t hear anything. I thought he was murdered.โ€

โ€œ Can you understand that you feel responsible for someone else‘s life?โ€

When the husband contacted her and told her that he lived in Cannock, near the woman, she liked his picture. โ€œHe seemed to like the same things.โ€ The man โ€œseemed like an open and honest guy.โ€

The online lovebirds wanted to meet quickly, but corona โ€œchanged lawsโ€ in Ukraine. The gentleman now had to pay taxes before his work in that country began. That story seemed โ€œvery credible,โ€ says Elwell. She sent him money, with some doubt.

At some point, the man needed about 50,000 euros, as evidenced by a ‘tax document‘. โ€œSo he took retirement, sold his car and borrowed money. And I helped him.โ€


Gradually she deposited more money. But the man disappeared from the picture. His homecoming only lasted and lasted. Elwell got suspicious. She even went home to find the daughter and nanny of the man in Coventry, but โ€œthose people didn’t live there at all.โ€ โ€œThat was the moment when I knew: they‘re all lies.โ€

Police respond to the BBC: โ€œRachel’s case is a classic case of data fraud. This shows how much these scammers can have a disastrous effect on people‘s lives.โ€ Never give money to people you’ve only met online, warns the police who supposedly can mean little.