Woman opens front door and sees son (4) standing with deer: ‘I was in shock’

Stephanie Brown didn‘t believe her eyes when she opened the front door of the cottage in Virginia, American, and saw her four-year-old son standing on the sidewalk with a baby deer. โ€œI was in shock.โ€

According to Brown, the family was packing and they were about to leave the resort when Dominic suddenly turned on with the deer. While Mother Stephanie was thinking about what to do, she quickly took some pictures, and a snapshot on Facebook quickly went over the world.

โ€œ I didn’t believe it at first. I thought my brain was playing a game with me,โ€ says the woman to a local television station. โ€œBut it seemed to the deer the most normal thing in the world, it was so weird.โ€

After the photo shoot, Stephanie asked her son to bring the deer, which they called โ€œFlashโ€, back to the forest so that his mother could find him again.