Woman pays for phone, receives pack yogurt

A woman from the East Chinese Anhui had converted 1300 euros paid for an iPhone. A few days later, unfortunately, there was no new phone waiting for her: she found a pack of yogurt in her mailbox.

On the platform Weibo, the woman named Liu shared her story. She said that she had deposited 10,099 yuan for an iPhone 12 Max, through the official website of Apple. A few days later, the woman received the pack of dairy, with apple flavor.

Liu says she didnt take the package directly from the courier. The phone would have been put in a locker in the apartment building. Until then, there were no complaints.

According to local police, Liu has been the victim of theft: presumably a thief has swapped the phone for yogurt.

Apple and Express Mail – the company that would bring the phone – both said to start an investigation.