Woman rakes more than 25 thousand dollars selling farts: ‘175 apiece’

Some people make their money in a bizarre way, including the American influencer Lush Botanist. She sells her fats for 175 euros apiece. And that brings a lot of money: shes already raked 25 thousand dollars in.

Botanists special business began three years ago. Someone asked her to fart in front of the camera. She did, and in hindsight it was a golden move. It became one of her most popular videos, which made the woman decided to go on with this. ,, If people want to pay me for this, why not?โ€ says Botanist soberly to Channel 4.

Fart queen

Now earns US bins with money. In a video, Botanist reveals that shes asking $175 a fart. On top days, the fart queen earns 4 thousand dollars. She also sells merchandise, such as fart in a jar and so-called โ€œfart lollipops.โ€

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Bubbling farts

The woman has a secret recipe for a โ€œperfectโ€ fart: she eats several cheeses in the morning. Eating parmesan makes her winds โ€œsulfuricโ€ and mozarella makes her โ€œbubbling fats.โ€

She hopes to continue this for a long time: โ€œI just love doing it a lot,โ€ says Botanist.