Woman scares herself when she opens ordered parcel online

A woman who ordered a new outfit online was startled by an accident when she saw what extra was sent in the package. โ€œClothes and a free petโ€, writes the shocked woman on TikTok.

The fashionista, who calls herself Frank on the social medium, shared a series of photos and a video of the package sent to her home from fashion company Boohoo. There was a spiders head crawled into the plastic bag where her order was in. โ€œBoohoo, come and get your unwanted staff member,โ€ she adds.

After the wife got rid of the fright, she decided to give the animal a new home and brought the spider to a pet store. โ€œBart the spider has a new home, safe and sound,โ€ she writes in her last post about the online shopping adventure.