Woman scolding roommate and now risking imprisonment

A 31-year-old woman risks two yearsimprisonment for scolding her roommate in Dubai via WhatsApp.

The British woman has been living in Dubai since 2018. Her roommate is a Ukrainian, with whom it is not really butter. During an altercation about who was allowed to use the kitchen table, the woman sent ‘Fuck you‘ to her roommate. She, in turn, sent the message to the police because she felt offended.

The British was so tired of the situation and tried to return to England last weekend, but was stopped by the police at the airport. She can’t leave the country because her roommate refuses to withdraw the complaint against her.

In addition to a prison sentence, the woman is also waiting for a substantial fine. She had already sent almost all her possessions back to England to live there and start a new job. It may be a few more months before she has to appear in court, and she lives with a friend for so long. Her visa expires in a week.

โ€œ I can‘t believe what my roommate did. She is so hateful,โ€ says the woman, who wants to remain anonymous, to The Sun. โ€œI begged her to withdraw the complaint again, but she said: ‘This is a penality‘. I’ve never had any problems before. I‘m in shock that I’m being called a criminal for a private conversation.โ€

Selling is strictly prohibited in the Arab Emirates. โ€œBe careful when criticizing individuals, the UAE and local authorities, including on the Internet and social media. The authorities can check this. You can be punished for this,โ€ says Foreign Affairs in the travel advice for the country.