Woman throws plate spaghetti over her husband and ends up behind bars

An American man has filed a complaint to police in Florida after an out of control family dinner date. His wife threw a plate of spaghetti over him. She had to pay behind bars for that.

The woman had been drinking alcohol and was unable to control herself during a meal with her (adult) children. She got it stuck with her husband and threw a plate of spaghetti over him out of frustration. According to the indictment, the man was โ€œnot injured, he was just soaked with the meat sauce.โ€ She was arrested for domestic violence.

The couple, married for twenty years, had a big fight earlier in May, reports the US news site The Smoking Gun. Then Melissa Daigle (44) punched her husband with a bunch of keys in his face and spit on him. Her behavior was initially seen by the finger, but now the size is full.

Restraining Order

on Thursday the woman had to appear in court. Who ruled that she should stop visiting her husband. She also needs to face her alcohol problem and undergo checks to do so. Its not yet clear if the two are making a point behind their marriage.