Woman throws wounded pup into sea because she cant pay vet

A woman from the US state of Georgia was arrested Tuesday for drowning her doggy in the sea. The lady was a bit tight in the greenhouse and thought it was a good reason not to visit a vet with her wounded dog, but to take a trip to the sea.

The horrible story is being brought out by the police department of Tybee Island. Police write on social media about the report of someone who is โ€œthrowing a wounded puppy into the seaโ€. At the scene, police found Candy Selena Marban, who was indeed drowning her puppy. According to Marban, the dog had been injured for over a week, but she couldnt afford a vet.

Cops tried to save the wounded animal. In a veterinary clinic, however, it was decided to put the young dog to sleep, because the injuries were too serious.

Marban has been arrested and will have to wait for her sentence.