Woman wakes up from coma after 10 months and sees daughter for the first time

A 37-year-old Italian woman woke up from a coma after 10 months. Cristina Rosi was seven months pregnant when she had a heart attack last July, putting her into a coma. During this deep sleep, she gave birth to her daughter, Caterina, who was brought into the world by cesarean section.

After Rosi woke up, her husband greeted her with the word โ€œmamaโ€, says Gabriele Succi to the newspaper La Nazione. He is mad and calls it a miracle that his wife has awakened:,, We never expected this after so much misery.โ€

Oxygen Deficiency

The woman was transferred to a clinic in Austria in April for special treatment. The money for the treatment was raised with a crowdfunding campaign, totalling 170,000 euros.

The baby has been in the hospital for several months due to oxygen deficiency at birth. But now both baby and mother are well.