Woman wakes up in the wrong bed after hospitalization

The 89-year-old Elizabeth Mahoney didnt know what she was going through recently. After a sick bed of ten weeks in the hospital, she woke up in the wrong bed.

The ambulance service turned out to have taken the woman from Wales to the wrong house, reports ITV. Mahoney was struggling with Covid complaints. After spending more than two months in the hospital, she was allowed to go home. Her family started to worry when, after that good news, she didnt come home to New Inn, as agreed.

Turns out the eighties were taken to a house in Newport, 13 miles away. โ€œThis whole thing was a series of mistakes, from start to finish,โ€ complains her son Brian against British media. The error came up from a phone call from him.

โ€œ They apologized and said they were on their way back to pick her up. I was just thinking, what do you mean? Dont tell me you left her there. My sister burst into tears, we were very worried.โ€

Mahoney finally came home scared and confused, says her son.