Woman wants to shoot dog but hits her own five-year-old son in belly

A woman was arrested in Houston for accidentally shooting her five-year-old son. The woman wanted to shoot a dog walking down the street.

The incident took place in a residential area in Houston. The 24-year-old Angelia Mia Vargas was cycling there with her son and her boyfriend when a dog walked into the street near Vargas.

That dog, named Bruno, had just been run out of his owners house. Video footage shows that the dog is taken under fire by Vargas within a few seconds after he has come out. However, the woman does not hit the loose dog with the bullets, but her own son. One of the three bullets she fires ends up in her sons belly.

The boy was taken to the hospital, but according to the police, hes fine. Angelia Mia Vargas has been arrested according to ABC13 and is charged with deadly behaviour with a firearm.