Woman who used superglue as a hair spray wants to sue manufacturer

An American woman who went viral after having had great difficulty removing strong glue, so-called Gorilla Glue, from her hair, is now considering suing the glue manufacturer. Tessica Brown warned her followers in a Tiktok video about the stuff. She had used the strong adhesive product for the finishing touch of her hairstyle, but did not realize that she was attached to that same hairdo for the time being.

Brown took a lawyer in his arms and is considering initiating proceedings against Gorilla Glue. Because although the label of the product warns against use on eyes, skin or clothing there is no mention of her, writes New York Post.

Brown claims that the hospital and the companys advice did not help to get rid of her from the hardened layer of glue on her head.

She paid a visit to the emergency department where nurses tried to help her by applying acetone to her head. But instead of making the glue easier to remove, the hair scalp burned and only made the glue sticky to then harden again, reports TMZ.

Gorilla Glue responds to Twitter: โ€œWe are very sorry to hear about what Miss Brown went through when she used our glue spray on her hair. We are pleased to see in her recent video that Miss Brown has undergone medical treatment and wish her well.โ€

The company further reiterates that the product is โ€œnot suitable for use in or on the hairโ€ as it is permanent glue.

Brown indicated that she decided to use the glue because she ran out of her usual hair product. To replace it, she chose the super-strong adhesive that is only intended for products such as wood, laminate, fabric, paper and cardboard.