Women in Berlin carry topless action for bare breasts

In Germanys capital, Berlin, dozens of women have taken topless action in protest against rules that prohibit women from walking bared chests unless in specially designated places.

The protest action comes after an incident with a French woman sunbathing topless in a park. Park rangers had asked the woman to put on a top or leave the park. The woman refused, the police were picked up, and the issue led to a wider discussion, including on social media.

There was a movement that aims to achieve equal treatment between men and women. In other words, women should also have the right to walk in bare chiefs where men are allowed to do so. Breasts should be less sexualised and more normalized according to the movement.

Participants in the topless bike protest in Berlin wore slogans like Boobs have no gender (breasts have no gender) and My body my choice (My body, my choice). Men also took part in the action.

The movement plans to re-organise a protest action in the city of Kiel on July 14.