Women in the Netherlands and EU are delaying pregnancy and child

Women in the Netherlands and elsewhere in the European Union become mothers on average at a later age. This is evidenced by a new survey carried out by Eurostat Statistical Office for the year 2019.

The average age at which Dutch women had their first child in 2019 was 30.1 years. So they were a little older compared to a year earlier: in 2018 it was still 30 years old.

Throughout the European Union, the average age at which women become mothers for the first time is 29.4 years, in 2018 it was 29.3.

The youngest mothers live in Bulgaria: there the average age is 26.3. After that, Romania follows 26.9 years. In Italy, women become the last mothers on average: at 31.3 years. In Spain and Luxembourg, too, women start relatively late to have children: there the average age at the first delivery is 31.1 years.

Postponement can lead to postponement

Professor of Reproductive Medicine Bart Fauser told DeccEit earlier that women often do not think that postponing children can lead to adjustment. “Fertility treatments are increasingly relapsed and can result in more and more unwanted childlessness.”