Womens magazine VIVA ceases to exist

After nearly fifty years, the womens weekly VIVA ceases to exist. The publisher stops it because the magazine, especially the printed version, reaches fewer and fewer women. The last song rolls off the printing press at the end of July. VivaMama, Viva.nl and VIVA Forum are also being discontinued.

VIVA first appeared on October 7, 1972 and for generations of women it was their magazine, which made taboos discussed and became known by the section Anybody, in which readers literally exposed themselves. Young women now engage in dialogue in a different way on such social issues. Unfortunately, the figures and the future perspective give us no choice but to stop VIVA, says Joyce Nieuwenhuijs, director of magazines.

DPG Media holds Margriet for the older audience, Dragonfly for the slightly younger woman and Flair for the thirties. We reach the youngest readers with Tina, says Nieuwenhuijs.