Wonderful: Ajax brings sick Larissa (10) to Amsterdam to visit Antony

Wonderful: at the initiative of Ajax, Larissa paid a visit to Antony in Amsterdam. The Brazilian attacker has a special relationship with his ten-year-old compatriot, who suffers from cancer.
Antony met Larissa in his time at São Paulo, where the girl grew into a kind of mascot. “From the first day I met her, she gives me a lot of strength and inspiration. I really like seeing her here in Amsterdam instead of Brazil. I am grateful to you all”, says the international to Ajax TV.
“She showed us how to do it in life. Don‘t complain, hold on and be strong,” Antony continues. “I am very impressed with her strength. When I look at my life, I have nothing to complain about. Larissa teaches me how to stand in life. I’ve grown to love her. I love her more and more. It made me emotional when I was hugged by her. Her embrace is unique.”
Larissa, in turn, recounts receiving a lot of support from Antony, who assisted her during multiple operations, among other things. “Antony gives me a lot of strength. I may need surgery again and for that he gives me more strength.”
Watch the entire video below: