Wonderful road trip with grandma of love rival

Lon (28) has it all done: she moves in with her boyfriend Philip. A real big human life laughs at her. With a shared Google Calendar, a robot vacuum cleaner and a smart thermostat. She rejects her mother‘s offer to keep her excess household goods in custody for safety. Surely this is no way of starting a new chapter, the Millennial thinks. That’s like you left your dating profile on recon mode.

But then she gets a little busy in her relationship, as Princess Diana so beautifully described the arrival of another woman. Lon doesn‘t really like that: this Xenia, which Philip is so captivated, becomes an obsession with her. In a cunning way, she conquers a place in the life of her rival’s grandmother.


This Louise, a woman with instructions for use, takes them along with the reader on a journey along the hundred most important rollercoasters in the United States, the trip through ‘the American of America’ she had planned with Philip. In her old age, Lon offers Louise more adventure than she ever dreamed of in her home. But who needs who the most? The revenge tastes sweet?

Louise is the character from the amusing and smoothly written Milk Teeth, introduced as โ€œa power struggle between three womenโ€ that still manages to hit the most. Her gaze on love is gold. โ€œA relationship is a puncture in which you have to constantly bust. But you‘re going to make it look like it’s a shiny hunt that needs to be saved at all costs.โ€ Lon, on the other hand, is just too often irritating and Xenia is just as board canton as the characters in Disneyland and the other amusement parks that are visited during this wonderful road trip.