World Champion France eliminated at European Champion

Nobody expected it and yet it happened. France is from the European Championships and Switzerland is on to the quarterfinals. The game was super exciting and ended in penalties.

Switzerland started strong and scored the first goal. Even after the rest, the two teams were daring together. Until the French suddenly returned strong and scored three times in a short time.

Ten minutes before the end, France stood by 3-1. But then the incredible thing happened. Switzerland scored two more times in the last 10 minutes making it 3-3.


In the extension, both teams didnt score, and thats why it ended up with penalties. Switzerlands all went in. Sommer, the goalkeeper of Switzerland, became the hero of the evening when he stopped the penalty of French footballer Mbappรฉ. And so it became a party for Switzerland and tears for France.

This video shows a summary of the contest.

Switzerland will play Spain in the quarterfinals on Friday. The Spaniards won Croatia 5-3 earlier in the evening.