World Cup cards not in demand: ‘Too little enthusiasm, had to take the trips out of our package’

Tickets for matches at the World Cup in Qatar are not really in demand yet. For example, in the Netherlands, only three thousand requests were made per match for tickets that give access to the Orange pouleduels.
In 2014, there were still five thousand Orange fans in the stands at the World Cup match against Spain. The cards are also less popular in other countries than before. The official travel partner of the KNVB, Zoover, did not take the four-day trip for the duel with Senegal out of its offer alone. โ€œThere was little enthusiasm for the other trips, so you have to remove them from the package,โ€ says director Hans Pluimers in conversation with the Algemeen Dagblad.
The poor organization around hotels during the World Cup seems to be one of the biggest reasons for lower demand. Rooms are very scarce, forcing fans to tick off the grand prize. In addition, supporters who wish to stay in a hotel can only book through the Organizing Committee site. Staying on a cruise ship or in a desert tent is now an alternative.