World-famous gorilla dies in her caregivers arms

The world-famous mountain gorilla Ndakasi passed away at the age of 14. She died in the arms of her caregiver, reports Virunga National Park in Congo.

โ€œShe blew her last breath into the arms of her caretaker and lifelong friend, Andre Bauma,โ€ the park writes on Instagram. The animal died in the evening, September 26th. Ndakasi had been ill for a long time.

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The animal became world famous in 2019 for a selfie with her, ranger Mathieu Shamavu and another gorilla. In the photo, the gorillas pose like real models: chin up, back straight and they stand on two legs.

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Ndakasi came when she was just two months old in shelter. It must have been a terribly pathetic image when the rangers found her: her mother had been shot dead a few hours earlier and Ndakasi did not want to let go of her dead mother‘s body.

Pet caregiver Andre Bauma made her sleep in bed with him during the first night. She was on his chest. She was never let go in the wild again in the end. The animal was so traumatized that it couldn’t stand on her own feet. Ndakasi stayed in the park for more than 10 years.