World leaders respond shocked to Kabul attack

From around the world are shocked responses to the airport attack of Afghan capital Kabul, which cost dozens of people on Thursday. French President Emmanuel Macron, for example, condolences to the families of American and Afghan victims. He praises the โ€œheroic actions of those who are in Kabul to carry out the evacuations.โ€

Support is also being expressed elsewhere in Europe. For example, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sรกnchez said that the โ€œentire international community is part of the Afghans.โ€ Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi condemned the โ€œdespicable and horrible attack on defenseless people seeking freedomโ€ and Polish President Andrzej Duda speaks of a โ€œcowardly act.โ€

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that โ€œhis heart broke for the people of Afghanistan.โ€ He promised to do everything he can to accommodate Afghan refugees in his country. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern spoke of a โ€œdespicable attack on many innocent families who were just seeking safety because of the incredibly difficult and vulnerable situation in Afghanistan.โ€

The Turkish Foreign Ministry condemned โ€œthe horrific attackโ€ with โ€œthe strongest termsโ€. The same Saudi Arabia ministry writes that the attacks are โ€œincompatible with all religious principles and human values.โ€ Egypt speaks of โ€œhorrible terrorism.โ€

US President Joe Biden spoke on Thursday in a speech of โ€œa difficult day.โ€ Dutch demissionary Prime Minister Mark Rutte also expressed his disguise at the attack. โ€œHorrible Messages,โ€ the Prime Minister wrote. โ€œLots of deaths and injured amid people looking for safety. A tremendous tragedy.โ€