World of Tanks Blitz flies to the moon: ‘Gravity’ mode returns

Last year, Wargaming‘s Cosmonautics Day timed the emergence of an unusual World of Tanks Blitz temporary mode: all tanks lost the lion’s share of their weight. And now the players‘ favorite mode returns: โ€œGravityโ€ will be available during the week, from 12 to 18 April. In honor of the 60th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s fateful flight, players can go to the moon and fight on the map โ€œSea of Tranquilityโ€.

At the same time, Gravity mode will be available on a number of Earth maps. In conditions of reduced gravity, any irregularity on the battlefield can send even a heavy tank into the flight.

At the same time, the machines will not lose control, but at the same time the damage from their fall will decrease. And the shots will also push back the enemy car, but at the same time will give an increased pay.

In the mode there will be an innovation: light and medium tanks, as well as tank destroyers will be able to use the mechanics โ€œmissile engineโ€. Pressing the button will send them to the flight, and its direction will determine the inertia of the movement of the machine.

This action will allow you to dodge projectiles. Owners of equipment from V to X level will be able to take part in the battles โ€œGravityโ€.

For victories in time mode, players will be able to get a permanent Avatar โ€œFull Breakโ€. Its stage, from ordinary to legendary, depends on the number of victories.

In the โ€œspaceโ€ April in World of Tanks Blitz hosts a number of game events. Within the framework of the event โ€œPurpose: Sheridan Rocketโ€, it is possible until April 16 to get to the collection the same Sheridan equipped with ATGM.

And in the course of Operation Red Planet – to earn a lot of rewards, including a modified Cromwell B tank. .