World of Tanks celebrate release of new album The Offspring

Wargaming has a long-standing friendship with the band The Offspring: punk rockers in 2019 performed at the Wargaming Fest event dedicated to Tankers Day. Then the musicians appeared in the game with a unique coloring tank and โ€œplayedโ€ a virtual concert in the hangar World of Tanks. The release of a new album of the band called Let The Bad Times Roll gave reason to recompose the TL-1 LPC tank, whose crew consists of members of the group The Offspring.

A unique 3D-style coloring book โ€œPretty Flyโ€ is also available for the tank. For a limited time, everyone can buy a tank and all the customization elements dedicated to The Offspring in Premium store.

The offer is only valid until April 26. Recall that Dexter and Nudles recorded a special voice-over for โ€œtheirโ€ TL-1 LPC tank.

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