World of Warcraft player reached level 50 without taking Smekrtokwing on Kezan

We all know the Pandaren with the nickname Doubleagent, who has not been leaving the starting island for several years because of reluctance to adjoin the Horde or Alliance. As it turns out, he‘s not alone. Goblin with nick Nobb reached level 50 without leaving the starting island of Kezan in the World of Warcraft.

Unlike Pandaria in the homeland of goblins you can not collect resources. So Nobb had to look for other ways of pumping.

He started the game on a starting account not allowing you to advance beyond level 20, and killed about five thousand Grow Worms. After which he paid for the subscription and thanks to his accumulated experience was able to immediately get 30 levels.

Kezan’s goblins join the Horde in the finale of their adventures, after leaving the island destroyed Deathwing. Nobb decided to save Kezan from Neltarion, so retained a neutral status.

Because of this, he is unable to participate in PvP and walk into dungeons. But he is saved by daily quests for pet battles: the player makes them on another character, and then surrenders โ€œremotelyโ€ .

Now, at level 50, Nobb has peaked in the โ€œpastโ€ content. And now he gets a severely cut experience from all classes: he will have to get 43-44 days to level 51, and then things will become even more difficult.

However, the player does not intend to give up. More on Gambling Creators Detention and Devotion are working on a new game Authors Cyberpunk 2077 will โ€œtrickleโ€ police and improve management In the world Survive the Fall after the fall asteroids came eternal autumn.