World of Warcraft removed achievements with valiant jokes in titles

Blizzard continues to โ€œpurgeโ€ its own projects amid discrimination and harassment scandals. The studio recently decided to rename Jessie McCree from Overwatch as he was named after a leading game designer implicated in the scandals. Now, in the new 9.

1. 5 patch for World of Warcraft, developers will change the names of two achievements that hide vile jokes.

โ€œMy Sack is Gigantiqueโ€ (hint of genitals) and โ€œBros. Before Ho Ho Ho‘sโ€ (โ€œNo friends to bubโ€) turned into โ€œMy Storage is Gigantiqueโ€ (โ€œMy Vault Is Hugeโ€) and โ€œHoliday Bromanceโ€ (โ€œHoliday Bromanceโ€).

The first achievement could be obtained from NPC Harris Pilton (a joke about Paris Hilton) by equipping her bag โ€” previously the heroine asks the question of โ€œsizeโ€. The second Achivka was given for using the Mumlestle on eight Alliance NPCs that have the word โ€œBrotherโ€ in their names.

Patch 9. 1.

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