World of Warcraft: Shadowlands to get 9.0.5 update in March

The two-day BlizzConline 2021 show ended, and during its course the company held a number of additional panels and sessions devoted to the upcoming update of the Chain of Domination to World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. We tell about what did not make it to previous news. The plot 9.

1 will begin with the video shown during the show: The jailer launched an attack on covenants and uses Anduin to do so. His next target will be Ardenveld.

Ion Hazzikostas acknowledged that there were long-standing factional balance issues in the game. And they will continue to decide, although there is no definite plan for how to do it.

Yet some steps have already been taken and the factions are now at roughly equal levels. He also mentioned the mode of mercenaries from Mists of Pandadia, perhaps something similar is waiting for us.

In the new chapter of Shadowlands history players are waiting for 40 more levels of fame. In the course of raising the level of friendship with the covenant, not only the chapters of the story campaign are unlocked, but also cosmetic sets (including for Pepe) and flying mounts.

It is not yet known if it will take the maximum level to complete the entire campaign and unlock flights. Once the flights are unlocked, all characters on the account from level 50 will be able to use this feature.

It is impossible to fly between islands. There will be no new options for customizing the appearance yet.

Since in the new raid we have to defeat Tarragra, responsible for the death count in Torgast, this restriction will be lifted. The award will receive even heroes who have not coped with the test, although it will be less.

The womb will change, and the stigia will lose its significance. So all your stock is worth using before the patch comes out.

Instead, Venari will have some new currency. The influence of Ok the Jailer will also decline, and a whole story campaign will be devoted to this.

The powers of covenants are united and players will be able to run the errands of other covenants to see how they are doing and how those attempts end up. Players will be given additional sources of anima.

Gift mount Tree Wanderer will appear in update 9. 0.

5, its release is scheduled for March. All players who bought Shadowlands supplement will receive it.

And the Tree will change its appearance according to the seasons. There are no plans to add new classes.

The new part of the womb, Cortia, is created in the likeness of Mehagon. It will become the base of all covenants, and occasional allies with daily assignments will regularly appear here.

And, gradually learning more about this location, we will again encounter natrezimi. We will hear about Tirand in Chains of Domination.

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