World Splitters Unusual Puzzle is released April 21

Publishing house Bumble3ee Interactive and German studio NeoBird Games have announced the release date for the two-stick platform puzzle World Splitter. The game will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC on April 21. The peculiarity of World Splitter is that all action takes place in two worlds, separated by a rift.

Characters can interact only with visible fragments of the world, so that by moving the fault lines, you can solve various tasks, eliminate enemies and make their way to the goally. At the time of release the game will be a story campaign lasting a dozen hours, about 60 different levels and a dozen missions for a local cooperative.

The game earned the 2020 Grand Prix Game Connection Europe in the doubles of indie games, and was also named the best console game. More on Gamomania The new studio The Parasight is going to make games based on fairy tales and folklore From the paid supplement Children of Morta made a free mode Following Verdun and Tannenberg release Isonzo, a new game of WW1 series.